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picture of woman and dog to illustrate what kind of pet parent is a peaceful pup parent

Your personality has a lot to do with the kind of pet parent you are. So don’t fight mother nature! Work with your natural strengths to capitalize on the pup parenting techniques that will help you and your fur kid live your best lives.

Woman kissing small dogWe’ve combined traditional human psychology with some new-age philosophies to identify four pup parenting styles that seem to fit most dog mamas (and dog dads) we know and love. Those styles are:

  1. Free-Range Mama
  2. The Peaceful Pup Parent
  3. The Authoritative Pup Parent
  4. The Attachment Expert

What kind of pet parent are you? First, take a guess at your pet parenting style, and then take our quiz. (NOTE: WE ARE CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING A GLITCH WITH THESE QUIZ RESULTS. STAY TUNED).

When you’re done, share your results on Facebook and Instagram! We’d love to see as many people as possible take this quiz. That information can help us understand more about how we humans view our dogs. And maybe, it will show us a bit about how they view us.

Interested in more?

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