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From stocking stuffers to splurge gifts, we’ve got the best presents for small dogs. Here’s the list to help you shower holiday love on your small pup.

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We love you Oprah, but scootch over. Phoebe and Scout have their own favorites we know and love. Plus, we spent weeks upon weeks studying countless “best of” lists so you don’t have to. Without further ado, here’s our downward (sizing) dog-approved list of the thirty-five best presents for small dogs in 2023.

1. Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Coat: #1 Best-Seller

This gorgeous, holiday-inspired coat is Amazon’s #1 selling winter dog coat for a reason. It’s cozy, windproof, waterproof, reversible, and boasts over 25,000 five-star ratings from happy dog parents. So many thoughtful reviewers took the time to give advice about fit. Follow the sizing tips, and your pup will be warm and stylish for Christmas and beyond.

As of publish date, $23.99 with free Prime delivery and returns.

Red Plaid Dog Coat shown with both plaid and reverse side in black

2. Christmas Warm Winter Dog Hat – at the 2021 price!

Okay, seriously. We just can’t. This hat is so ridiculously adorable. AND, it’s like two gifts in one: first create adorable Christmas photos and when the holidays are over, your pup’s ears will be toasty warm on your post-holiday health walks.

As of publish date, $15.90 with free Prime delivery and returns.

3. Organic, Fair Trade Wool Balls

Yes!! As long as your small dog doesn’t go all Cujo and tear up her toys, these wool dryer balls are soooo much fun to use as dog toys. They’re perfect balls for small dogs because they don’t weigh a thing, and our two Havanese get such good air time with them when they fling them around. These are 100% New Zealand Merino Wool, certified organic, and a fair trade product handmade in Nepal. Highly recommend.

As of publish date, $15.49 on Prime with free deliver and returns.

4. Festive Red Plaid Step-In Harness and Matching Leash

Maltese puppy wearing festive red plaid vest and matching leashWe can’t wait for these to arrive. We’ll be heading to Main St. in our local town and doing some holiday shopping. I know the girls will stop people on the streets, they’ll look so wonderful. The red plaid with coordinating leash and are perfect for the holiday season and beyond. Give this gift to your best dog mom friend, and she’ll love you forever.

These are sized for small dogs, so be sure to pay attention to the size guide!

As of publish date, the set is $18.00 with free Prime delivery.

5. 11″ Lambchop Dog Toy

True confessions: This stuffed lambchop is bigger than Phoebe and Scout, but they love, love, love sleeping with her. So much so, that we have several of these in the house so we don’t have to drag them up and down the stairs. And don’t just take their word for how wonderful Lambchop is -over 50,000 reviewers on Amazon give her 5 stars. She’s squishy, she’s squashy, and she’s fun to tussle with. When your pup’s done wrestling with her squeakers, he’ll settle down next to her for a long winter’s nap. A favorite of small dogs everywhere.

As of publish date, $9.25 (a 29% savings!) with free Prime delivery.Lambchop Dog Toy

6. Mini Lambchop Dog Toy

Going big is good…but those of us with small dogs know that oftentimes, small is even better! We love this 6″ mini Lambchop Squeaker toy.

As of publish date, $3.99 (33% off!) with free Prime delivery.

7. Little Dove Pet Teepee (lowest price since 2021!)

Talk about Insta-worthy. This tent will lend humor and charm while blending nicely into neutral decor. More importantly, its cozy shelter will keep drafts off your small fur kid this winter. We all know how their little bodies have trouble maintaining warmth, especially when we’re trying to conserve energy in the winter season. What better way to keep the heat in than with this pine and canvas pet tent? It’s portable and washable and perfect for small dogs under 15 pounds.

We used ours to store toys, but then our little chiweenie granddog fell in love with it. So, yes, we gave it to Miss Rosie. It’s three years old and still looks new. Maybe Phoebe and Scout will get another one this year.

As of publish date, $29.99 plus 15% off coupon with free Prime delivery and free returns.

8. Dash Dog Treat Maker

So we’re all finally getting the message: our dogs are like us–they run better on real food. What better way to guarantee the goodness of what they eat than by making treats yourself? We find cooking incredibly relaxing when there’s no human to suggest revisions to our recipes….This Dash Dog Treat maker is also available at Crate & Barrel, but we like the ease of Amazon’s Prime day delivery. Fewer boxes and less energy wasted. Seventy-four percent of reviewers give this five stars.

$29.99 with Free Prime Delivery.

9. My Adorable Dog Baby Book

You know you want this. Even if your pup isn’t a pup any longer, you likely have three thousand puppy pictures you can reminisce over to jog your memory about key milestones and funny stories. Our pups’ lives are so short compared to ours. A memory journal like this is the perfect Christmas gift for small dog parents or for yourself.

As of publish date, $14.64 with free Prime delivery.

10. Embark Dog DNA Test

We LOVE this gift idea: doggy DNA testing is one of those things many people hesitate to purchase. But, small dog DNA testing can uncover not just breeds mixed into your best friend’s rescue pup, but it can unlock crucial health information as well. This kit gives you accurate breed information for 350 breeds and finds any doggy relatives who’ve also been tested (hopefully you won’t uncover any shady dog characters in your pup’s family tree). The health information requires an additional membership.

As of publish date, $99.00 (save $23%!) with free Prime overnight delivery in most locations.

11. Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test

Like Embark, Wisdom also checks for 350 plus dog breeds. Both tests claim to have better accuracy than the competition, but Wisdom says it has the larger database. It also includes 25 plus health conditions in the base price.

As of publish date, $78.74 (25% off) with free Prime delivery

13. BarkBox for Small Dogs!

We love it when companies understand that one size does not fit all! Small dogs often enjoy the same thing big dogs do, but sometimes they need smaller chews and floppier toys. Enter BarkBox, which allows you to customize your box for the size of your dog(s). Like us, they take small dogs seriously!

We don’t love the treat options, so we downgraded our BarkBox to toys only.

As of publication date, $39.00 through your Amazon account. Cancel any time.

14. Pride + Groom Shampoo and Conditioner

Phoebe and Scout agree with Oprah, who selected this pup shampoo and conditioner as one of her “favorite things.” What we love? The fact that it comes in three formulations, and that someone’s finally realized that fur and hair are NOT the same thing. These boxed gift sets contain one of their three shampoos: THE SHEDDER (for dogs with fur), THE NON SHEDDER (for dogs with hair), THE SENSITIVE ONE (for delicate dogs and puppies), and THE FINAL COAT, a luxurious, softening conditioner. The product is made in the USA and the company is woman-owned. Win, win, win. A splurge gift for the favorite pup in your life. Unlike other shampoo and conditioner, whose beneficial effect seems to fade after only a day or two, Phoebe and Scout look and smell freshly groomed nearly a week later. Makes brushing a breeze. Highly recommend.

We’re a little horrified it’s so expensive, but one set lasts us over six months, and we bathe our two small dogs frequently.

As of publication date, $62.00 with free Prime delivery.

15. Professional Pet Hair Dryer

Black pet hairdryer with three attachmentsAdmittedly, your pups won’t want a hair dryer wrapped under the tree, but maybe you will. This dryer changed our lives. Ok…maybe not Scout and Phoebe’s lives, but at least mine. We’re outside all the time, and the girls really need weekly baths or they start smelly doggy and leaving dusty paw prints on our furniture. But they stay wet a LONG time if they’re not blown dry, and human hair dryers just don’t work. They take too long, they get too hot, and they just don’t get the job done. Enter this very reasonably-priced hair dryer.

We’ve had this dryer for over three years now, and it’s still going strong. It’s a beautiful thing for making your sweet small pups beautiful in no time. And what’s a better Christmas present than the gift of time?

Hurry for this deal! As of publication, it’s $94.95 (41% off plus 15% off coupon).

16. Your Dog’s Face Stickers!

Customized stickers of your dog. Enough said. An amazing stocking stuffer for anyone who loves your pup.

Currently $15.99 with free Prime delivery.

17. Best Snuffle Mat Ever

White poodle sniffing fleece puzzle mat, looking for treatsNo list of best presents for small dogs would be complete without our all-time favorite snuffle mat. This beautiful, machine washable, well-constructed and non-slip mat has single-handedly cured my picky eaters. You can bury treasure in the flaps with your pup’s favorite toys and treats.

We’ve had ours for nearly a year and wash it weekly. It looks like new. Highly recommend.

Currently $30.99 with free Prime delivery.

18. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

What IS it about these darn squirrels? Nearly every dog we know adores this toy. They’re squeakable, hideable, and fetchable. AND, for extra fun, we like to put treats inside the tree before letting the girls have-at-it.

We also love that if you lose the squirrels (we do- we take this with us a lot), they’re replaceable!

The Small is currently only $9,99 at 33% off with free Prime delivery.

19. Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy – Pet Anxiety Relief and Calming Aid

With 78% of Amazon reviewers giving five-stars for the way this warm heartbeat buddy calms their pet, this gift seems ideal for new pups or adult dogs with anxiety. Santa plans to stuff our cousins’ stockings with a few of these. It’s made with materials certified safe for human use, and it’s machine washable.

A great option for people who need to provide another non-chemical means of easing their pup’s anxiety or loneliness. We wish we’d had these when the girls first came home as puppies and were separated from their mom and littermates.

Currently $39.95 (20% off) with free Prime delivery

20. Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ah, the irony of the ugly Christmas sweater. Although honestly, this one by Blueberry Pet is actually kinda cute. The lead time on delivery for this is a bit longer than usual, so order sooner rather than later.

Currently $20.99 free Prime one-day delivery and free returns.

21. The Original Snuggle Bed

This therapeutic bed is so great we had to put in on our list of Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs. We have two already and plant to buy a new one for the bedroom. The pups love the bolster and we love how comfortable they look snuggled up together in it. The cream shag version also blends well if you like a neutral home. But, it’s available in eight colors and four sizes, so there’s a bed for every taste.

Just watch the prices – they vary based on the color you select.

The large shag grey is currently 25% off at $49.99. Free Prime delivery.

22. Collapsible Dog Bowls

We know the flip-top water bottles are popular right now, but we’ve not found one we really like. And frankly, they’re a pain to clean. The girls prefer to share our water anyway. Scout even announces her thirst by smacking our water bottles if they’re within reach. Charming, we know.

The food-grade, BPA portable, collapsible bowls are perfect. Two years ago, we bought two of these sets so we’d have one for each dog stocking under the tree (Phoebe, Scout, and their cousins Drake and Rosie). They’re still going strong.

Currently $12.99 for two with free Prime delivery.

23. Outward Hound Flirt Pole

Never mind that this thing sounds like something you’d find in a dance club. We kept seeing dogs go crazy for these toys on a stick. And 6,000 five-star ratings can’t be wrong.

We ordered one based on the hilarious customer videos of dogs gone wild over it. And now WE can make our own hilarious videos. The girls love it – such a great toy to bring out when winter sets in. A clever Christmas gift that will provide lasting fun during the long winter months.

Currently 8% off at $16.99 with free Prime delivery.

24. Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat

Beating boredom is key to a small dog’s long, happy life. Because our small pups often don’t need the intense exercise of their larger relatives, they sometimes miss out on sufficient mental stimulation. Keep them on their toes by mixing up the way you feed them dinner. These sticky licky mats are one of many smart ways to keep your pup’s brain flexing.

Currently $11.21 (a drop $3.5o from prior year’s prices) with free Prime delivery.

25. AquaPaw Slow Treater

Licky mats are brilliant. But this small, suction cup licky mat is flat-out genius. Designed for pups who love food more than they hate their baths, these little hard-working inventions will make weekly grooming sessions a lickety-split (see what we did there.). At such a great price point, Santa Baby can be sure every small dog gets one in their stocking!

Currently $13.99 plus 20% off click coupon on Amazon with free Prime delivery.

26. Give A Sh*T Easy-Open Poop Bags AND 10% to Charity

We couldn’t help ourselves, and not just because we love the clever title. This company really DOES give a sh*t! They give 10% to charity and their bags are certified compostable, biodegradable, vegetable-based, leakproof and odor-proof. A really cute gift for your favorite dog walker or a stocking stuffer for your pup. Plus a whopping 89% of the 3,000+ Amazon reviewers give these five stars. No sh*t. Sorry. We shouldn’t have gone there. But 89% 5 star rating is kind of unheard of. But we hope Santa wasn’t listening….

Currently $11.04 and free Prime delivery.

27. Elevated Small Dog Bowls: Three years going strong. Love!

One of THE best presents for small dogs. These elevated bowls are genius, and all small dog lovers will know why. Although it seems our small pups shouldn’t need raised bowls because they’re already close to the floor, the fact is their delicate skeletal structure can give way to arthritis pain over the years. A raised dog bowl for small dogs is a must for easing stress on the neck and spine. But, they’re hard to find. Four years ago, we bought one of these to try it out and the girls were fighting to eat out of it! We now have two–and they’ve survived perfectly after three years of nightly dishwasher runs. These bowls are such a thoughtful Christmas gift for the small dog in your life.

Currently $19.99 with free Prime delivery.


28. Musher’s Secret Paw Protector

A perfect stocking stuffer. This all-purpose, all-season protection for little paw pads is simply additional insurance against injury and irritations. We love it for winter walking.

Currently $15.99 with free Prime delivery.


29. Flip Board Pet Puzzle: Level 2

This was our very first dog puzzle. We’ve had it for a couple of years, and we still bring it out once a week. It’s challenging for puppies, but Phoebe and Scout now complete it in record time. Still, they love the thrill of the hunt and you can just see their pride in successfully revealing the hidden treats.

Currently 59% off at $6.54 and free Prime delivery.


30. Poker Box Level 2

We’re not sure we agree with the Level 2 rating here, because even after two years of use, there’s STILL one box in this puzzle that frustrates the heck out of Phoebe and Scout. And frustration is really good for the small dog brain! A fun puzzle to use on Christmas morning (and every day after) to keep the pups occupied while you’re busy.

Currently 21% off at $22.07 with free Prime delivery.


31. Hol-ee Roller Ball

Our Havanese cousin Chloe, who plays harder than any small dog we know, adores this ball for its three-in-one joy. She says it gives the best bounce, because its funny sides make its direction unpredictable. And, the holes are perfect not just for easy carrying and flinging around, but for an impromptu tug-of-war game. We love that it’s made with natural rubber and is another perfect puzzle toy. Stick a few treats inside for added challenge. A perfect stocking stuffer.

Currently 43% off at $8.52 with free Prime delivery and free returns.


32. Comfy Padded 3M Reflective Harness by Blueberry Pet

In the winter, we let the girls’ hair grow longer to give them some extra protection against the cold. But, that means their usual harnesses can tend to cause matting. We’ve been experimenting with options and have purchased and returned more harnesses than we care to admit. And then we found this harness, a style that doesn’t touch under their arms or lower chest, the places where matting is most likely to occur on long-haired dogs. We declare this our current best harness for Havanese in a long coat. Plus, the 3M reflection is key in dark winter months where the sun disappears at 4pm! A perfect Christmas gift for small dogs.

Currently $22.99 with free Prime delivery and free returns.

33. Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste for Mini Breeds

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Size DOES matter, and when companies understand that small dogs can’t be given the same large portions we give our large buddies, we pay attention. Phoebe and Scout love, love, love these tooth-brushing treats. They get two every night before bed, and trust me, they never forget. I’ve had to get up out of bed to get them on the rare occasion I neglect to remember. Apparently, dental care is tops on their list. It certainly couldn’t be the delicious, pronounceable ingredients: Cinnamon, clove, vanilla, alfalfa, sodium bicarbonate. A wonderful stocking stuffer. We have these on repeat through Amazon’s “subscribe and save” program.

Currently $10.33 with free Prime delivery.

34. Fresh, Filtered Water Fountain

We never thought seriously about a water fountain for the girls until several summers ago, when we discovered their favorite way to drink water was from the hose. Since we used to have a terrible time encouraging them to drink enough water, tried this fountain to prime the pump. We love that the running water makes a gentle sound that brought Phoebe and Scout over to investigate several times a day. Now, they’ve outgrown their refusal to hydrate, so the fountain is  going strong at a friend’s house, even after three years.

Currently 15% off at $23.99 with free Prime delivery.

35. Dog Gallery Page-A-Day Calendar 2023

Not your typical page-a-day calendar, and Amazon reviewers give this 5 stars 96% of the time. These stunning, recyclable FSC-certified daily calendar pages can double as note-paper to jot down all the gear you need to pick up for your pups. Pages display in the recyclable plastic case. According to one reviewer, this is a perfect small gift for your dog-loving friends. We know this isn’t a technically a dog gift…but we figure anything that inspires us to appreciate these incredible companions of ours is fair game for inclusion on our list of best small dog gifts for 2023.

Currently $17.59 with free Prime delivery.


That’s a wrap on our best presents for small dogs in 2023. We hope your shopping is stress-free and your holidays are filled with family, friends, good food, health, and some rejuvenating play time with your four-footed child(ren).

If you’re still grabbing your annual book gift, check out our list of best presents for small dog owners!

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