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250 words, 1 minute read. In this short post, I share the small dog wellness checklist I created for my own small dogs.

Cover page of Wellness Checklist - three pictures of small dogs, one of which is in arms of smiling veterinarian

The Backstory: Why A Small Dog Wellness Checklist?

🐾 Hey everyone! 🐾

Does this sound familiar? You have several things you’ve noticed that are a bit different about your pup. You make a mental note to chat with your vet about these the next time you’re in. A month or two goes by, and you’re at that appointment–the point where your wonderful dog doctor always says “any other concerns?”

And you? Well, you remember only one of the several items you wanted to discuss. The other two? You remember those about an hour after you’ve paid the bill. 🐶🙄

If that’s you, I’ve got the perfect solution!

I’ve put together a FREE and comprehensive wellness checklist to help make sure you don’t forget a thing before your next vet visit. This checklist covers everything from behavior and skin to heart and lungs, activity, family life, and more.

As resources, I read no less than twenty-five checklists from various veterinary sites, including Broadview Animal Hospital, VCA Animal Hospitals, and the American Veterinary Medical Association journal.

This checklist is so complete, it may prompt you to note some important changes you might otherwise have missed.

What’s In The Small Dog Wellness Checklist?

The checklist includes sections on:

  • 🐕 Behavior
  • 🐾 Skin and Coat
  • 💓 Heart and Lungs
  • 🏃‍♂️ Activity
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Life
  • 🏥 Medical History
  • 🌳 Out and About
  • 🍖 Digestive Issues
  • Mobility Issues

Make sure you’re keeping track of all the important aspects of your dog’s health! 🐾✨

Let’s keep all our small pups happy, healthy, and living their best lives. 🐾❤️

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