Small dog supplies are serious business. Having a small dog is much like having a toddler: both come with a LOT of stuff in tow. And, if your small dog accompanies you as much as our dogs do, you need to be prepared—there’s the travel blanket so they’ll lie down anywhere you ask, the backpack for long hikes, the wipes for muddy paws (so your friends really mean it when they say “we’re so glad you brought the pups!”), their meals, their water, their treats, some toys….the list goes on. And on. We’ve curated several pages of stuff we know small dog moms and dads will find as useful as we have. Start here. 

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Small Dog Supplies: Clothing

Stretch Fleece Dog Coat

We own six of these in several colors. They’re really perfect, IOHO. They work as an extra layer under winter clothing or as a light jacket in Spring and Fall. They’re also such high quality that although we’ve owned one stretch fleece for several years, it looks as new as our others bought last month. In terms of small dog supplies, this one stretch fleece sweater is the most versatile. We use them all year. 


SunShield Dog Tee 

picture of UV protectant t-shirt for dogs


Designed after Gold Paw’s classic and indestructible (and perfectly layerable) stretch fleece, this UV-protectant stretch Tee is perfect summer wear. It’s almost like a bathing suit for dogs, as it also keeps them cool if you wet the shirt before going out and about in the sun.  


Small Dog Supplies: Out and About

Booster Car Seat

grey foam small dog car seat

As small dog gear goes, we can’t say enough about this booster seat. And apparently, we can’t buy enough of them, either; we’ve purchased four. We’ve owned our first one for over three years, we’ve used it frequently and we’ve washed the covers several times. It still looks new. We bought a second one for my husband’s car, but our son stole it for his dog. And then we gifted one to our daughter. We recommend them to everyone with a small dog. Light, easy to remove, comfortable, fun for the dogs. Sold. 

Canvas Dog Carrier

grey canvas small dog carrier

So we won’t name “THE” fancy city dog carrier with the equally impressive price. It’s gorgeous. And maybe someday we’ll buy one.** But the reality is, $300 seems rather exorbitant for a piece of canvas and sherpa. And we would need two. So before we take that deep dive, we researched the heck out of other options, and we think this very reasonably priced $50 model works beautifully. It’s by Waggo. Both Phoebe and Scout are very cozy in it, and the wide, non-slip canvas straps are happily comfortable for us. 

**Update: Well, we DID buy the Insta-famous city dog carrier from the brand who will remain nameless. We promptly sent it back. And we just don’t get the hype. While we do like the removable liner and the dogs were less shy about jumping in (it opens more like a dog bed or nest than a carrier), it was brutal on our shoulders. The shorter straps dug in, and the longer, wider strap felt less stable for us to carry. Did we say we don’t get the hype? Let us also warn you – do not order the Instagram darling unless you don’t mind paying $25 postage to return it.  We weren’t expecting that. In any event, we sent it back and on the same day ordered a second Waggo Canvas Dog Carrier for our small dog gear collection, so my husband and I can each carry a pup on errands.

Florescent Life Vest

Full disclosure – we have not had these on the water yet. In our defense, ocean water in March is, well, kinda dangerous unless you’re in a full-on wet-suit. But we wanted to start getting the girls used to these as we’ll be kayaking and paddle-boarding as soon as the water warms up. 


Voyager Step-In Dog Harness

Voyager harness in purple and black meshSo, these easy-on and easy-off step-in vests with the narrower chest fabric and generous cut for arms have greatly reduced the matting problem most harnesses cause on our sweet Scout and Phoebe. Though we keep our Havanese in puppy cuts, their double-coat hair means that mats still occur even with short hair. Thankfully, our daily brushing sessions are much less stressful now, because less fabric on their harnesses means less area to cause matting! They’re lightly padded and more comfortable than the strap step-in harnesses (at least for our girls), and their easily adjustable to fit their very different bodies. Finally, they come in about thirteen colors, including two shades of blue and three shades of pink. Wonderful variety, comfort, and usability at a very reasonable price!

Small Dog Gear: Training

Waterproof Dog Leash – Long

hot pink version of waterproof training leash

Since our move closer to a salt water bay, we’re next to the water so much more. We need different small dog gear than we needed when just walking through a suburban neighborhood or hiking the woods. We’re working on off-leash training for the beach, and that requires a long lead. This one is amazing. It’s water-proof, but it’s also a bit sand-proof and sand doesn’t cling to it much. Once we’re home, a quick dip in a bucket of water loosens any stray sand. They dry quickly too. Love these – a huge training help. 

Small Tennis Balls

Product picture of three Kong small tennis balls in package

Training can be aided by toys as well as treats. Especially when we’re working outdoors, it’s fun to use these tennis balls as a reward for their attention. 


Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog In Seven Days

Picture of book cover about small dog training

We love so much about this book. Even if you’ve trained your own dogs for years, it’s a great refresher. And, if you love a good rescue story, you’ll love this book. We have the Audible version, and we re-listen to it periodically. We know a book isn’t exactly small dog gear, but it’s part of our training library, and it helps us know which gear we need. 


(Note: This page contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience and to help support our work.  As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Our full disclosure, disclaimer, and copyright notices are found here. )