picture of woman and dog to illustrate what kind of pet parent is a peaceful pup parent

The Peaceful Pup Parent

Overall Philosophy

As peaceful pup parent, you’re all about using only positive redirection and reinforcement with your pup. It’s a slow, steady process that requires deep stores of patience and consistency. But you’ve got those.

Your Vibe

You’re all about moving through the world in as Zen-like a manner as possible. You surround yourself with people who commit to kindness in their interactions with humans and animals, and your relationship with your pup reflects that.


When your dog starts tearing around the house with your socks or chewing on the corner of your favorite rug, you don’t withhold your love or banish him to his crate. You instead redirect his attention to a special box of toys you keep out of reach for just this occasion, and if that doesn’t work, you employ that puppy acupressure technique you just learned to calm him down.


You and your pup love mindful walks in nature–you hit your favorite park or city greenbelt on the daily. In your mind, tuning in to trees, flowers, the sky, and weather patterns brings automatic peace and balance to life.

Training Style

Peaceful pet mamas don’t love rigid obedience training–you’re more apt to find ways to create stronger bonds with your pup.

When you carve out training space, you reach for those empathy exercises you learned in Canine Cognition school. Whether you’re practicing maintaining eye contact or playing hide-and-seek connection games, your ability to maintain mental threads to your pup is impressive.

At Home

People who walk into your home feel their stress melt away. Your warm and welcoming rooms radiate a calm and peacefulness with their neutral hues and natural fibers. The organic and non-toxic cleaning products you use ensure your pup and your human family live in a safe environment.

What are the Pros and Cons of being a Peaceful Pup Parent?


🐶 You and your pup share an incredibly rewarding bond that makes both of you healthier and happier.

🐶Your pup’s been raised in a serene household that’s given her a similar sense of calm. She’s confident, happy, and well-mannered.

🐶Your pup is usually enthusiastic about anything you want to do.


🐶Your pup can become more easily stressed in new environments that don’t share your consistent, calm vibe.

🐶 Your pup might not respond well to houseguests or visitors who disrupt the customary Zen atmosphere.

Are you a Small Dog Peaceful Pup Parent?

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