Woman and dappled dachshund staring lovingly at one another

Overall Philosophy

As an attachment expert pup parent, you ignored the advice to let your puppy cry through the night in a crate, you’ve allowed her in your bed since day one, and you embrace the idea that YOU are your dog’s pack now.

Your Vibe

Because you’re so connected to your pup, your pup is just as connected to you. She knows your moods, sometimes before you do, and she recognizes when you need some extra attention or when you’re not feeling well. Like you, she’s seems to have a sixth sense about people and places, knowing whom to trust and whom to steer clear of.


When your dog starts stealing your socks or chewing on the corner of your favorite rug, you know it’s because she’s feeling disconnected to you and is seeking solace in your things. With your attachment parenting style, you’re apt to pick her up and cuddle while watching tv, or you’ll take the opportunity to hold her and rub her belly or play tug-of-war while you’re on that tedious Zoom call with the office.


Whatever it is the humans are doing, the dogs are doing. Paddleboarding, errands, hiking, biking….family togetherness is the rule.

Training Style

Attachment mamas don’t love rigid obedience training–you’re more apt to find ways to create stronger bonds with your pup.

During training time, you bring out those empathy exercises you learned in Canine Cognition school. Whether you’re practicing maintaining eye contact or playing hide-and-seek connection games, your ability to maintain mental threads to your pup is impressive.

At Home

Your home is a warm and welcoming, with lots of cozy throws and strategically placed pillows. Every room is just as welcoming for your dog, with toy baskets close by and a snuggling spot on the sofa or bed.

What are the Pros and Cons of being an Attachment Expert Mama?


🐶 You and your pup share an incredibly rewarding bond that makes both of you healthier and happier.

🐶You’re more likely to catch health issues that arise with your pup.

🐶Your pup is usually enthusiastic about anything you want to do.


🐶Your pup can find it difficult to be left alone if he’s too dependent on you for entertainment.

🐶 Your pup might not bond with others in the house.

🐶 Your pup can become jealous and “resource-guard” YOU if others get too close.

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